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Innovation by you is an online platform to share ideas and learn from likeminded people with ostomy or continence issues from around the world

Members of this community share a passion for making a difference, not only for themselves but also for everyone else with intimate health care needs.

We are here to innovate together on products and solutions that can improve the lives of people with ostomy or continence issues. And as you can tell from the user statements on the right, this is also a safe and caring place if you are looking for support, tips and tricks or simply have some really good ideas to share.

Join us and let’s make a difference together!
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The Community administrators

The support and team spirit among members provide a wonderful atmosphere. This in combination with the tool kits and feedback from our sponsor makes it an awesome community to be a part of.
– Bert
Here you will be able to share all your fears and doubts along with solutions and tips with people who do understand.
– Doody
This is more than talking about it. It’s about doing something practical.
– Richard

Take part in co-creation!

Your ideas just might come true

Innovation: This is what our community is all about! You are the expert and we need your ideas and experience to develop new solutions – together!

You can easily take an active part in co-creation for current and future intimate healthcare products by participating in our open Innovation Challenges, and you can become invited for special VIP Rooms.

This community has already developed one new ostomy solution that will be promoted under our own brand and soon available within the community for all members.

Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges are a central part of this community. This is an example of a former Challenge Topic:
How do you handle continence appliances?

VIP Rooms

Based on your experience and activity level, you can become invited for special Very Innovative Persons (VIP) Rooms, and become involved in activities such as designing and professionalizing prototypes, making 3D models, and many more creative endeavors.

Share your good advice

Looking for advice? Want to discuss an idea with people in a similar situation?

If you’re looking for support and suggestions for getting through your daily life with ostomy or continence issues, you’ve come to the right place!

Our members share peer-to-peer advice on how to solve problems in your everyday life.

You can add value by providing answers and suggestions to others’ questions, and you can easily start up a new forum topic of interest to you. Contribute with your ideas, news updates, and useful website links – and everyone in this online community will benefit!


Anyone can open a Forum discussion on a topic of your interest. This is an example of a former Forum Topic:
Problems with leakage from my stoma

Tips & Tricks

Do you have a fantastic tip to make life easier? Members share good advice on improving your everyday life, tip by tip.